Company Profile  
  We, Smartkey Global Ltd are the expert in stylish sunglasses industry. The export of medium to high-end sunglasses is our core business. The production lines diversify to men, ladies & kids market. Sometimes, we like to think of ourselves as a fashion company that designs & promote eyewear. We endeavor to keep improving & expanding our business so as to cope with the ever changing market.
Although our head office is located in Hong Kong, our widespread network of sourcing accessories and material link over the world. We are capable to offer both OEM (you provide sketch& configuration) & ODM (we offer the tailor-made collection for clients)



Satisfying Customers by analyzing their needs, tastes, lifestyles as well as fashions, and injecting them into the suitable design or services.


Production in accordance with protecting the natural & social environment. We try our best to avoid applying any acetate/ metal/ electro- plating which pollute the environment.




Provide the best product quality through a careful design, researching the best materials & components.

Adopting innovative technologies in the manufacturing systems.

Defining high mechanical and technical standards


Prompt delivery, speed up every process starting from sales contract.


Popularize the sunglasses which made from all the luxurious material at the competitive selling price through the break through efficient production technology. In coming years, we endeavor to promote the sunglasses in titanium & competite hand-made acetate. To let more people enjoy the benefit of these material render.


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